Shovkovychnyi Park



Restoration of the City Central Park after the events of 2014
A difficult 2014 left a big mark on the sights and infrastructure of the city of Sloviansk. The Misto-sad team was faced with the task of making a plan to restore the park and create a qualitatively new public space.
Shovkovychnyi again
We created a brand, graphic design, navigation and architectural plan for the park.
We have returned the park to its historical name - Park of Culture and Recreation “Shovkovychnyi”.
Соціальні мережі
For the sake of children's smiles
At the wokrshop organized by the Misto-sad team, the children of Sloviansk independently came up with their own playground and our architects created its unique design based on it.
Friends Club
The "Friends Club" was created, which became the first association of the community around the public space in Ukraine. Now members of the "Friends Club" have created their own public organization in Sloviansk: they attend project management trainings, learn the ways of holding events in the park and receive funding.
The main place of rest
A dance floor was created in Shovkovychnyi, a small lake and canal system were restored and signs with the names of participants of the "Friends Club" were installed on the benches.
The park has become a landmark of the city, a meeting place for residents and holding cultural events
Festivals, voluntary work and movie screenings are held here.
Representatives of local authorities and the public joined the project. The project is implemented by the NGO Misto-sad and the project "Ukraine Confidence Building Initiative" (UCBI II) with financial support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Sloviansk City Council.
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