Art project

Sloviansk and Uzhhorod

Mezha (Border) is a project in the format of a short-term dialogue between art residences and residents of remote cities — Sloviansk and Uzhhorod.

Subject — facets of the term"border". The task of residents was to create conditions under which people would talk about their own borders. As a result, the messages of artists turned into art projects that were presented at the final exhibitions in Sloviansk and Uzhhorod.

"Mezha" is a project that has gone the way from exploring the city, immersing itself in the context of social, artistic and economic life — to turning into a physical form — the work of art itself. In their works, artists tried to find common ground between East and West — they explored the "border" in cities as far apart as possible.

The project was implemented by the NGO Misto-sad with the support of the initiative "Civic Initiatives of new Ukraine" of the International Renaissance Foundation.

Yakir Alley