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East and West together against stereotypes
About stereotypes
Ukrainians tend to believe in stereotypes and form them among their environment. Sometimes this leads to mutual intolerance, labels “eastern person” / “western person” and a sense of regional superiority.

Our project "Distinguish PRO: breaking down stereotypes" is about tolerance and pluralism. We want Ukrainians to know more about what unites them. Therefore, we decided to ask the Ukrainians of the East and West about their values, desires and prejudices
East and West
Residents of the East (Konstiantynivka, Dobropillia, Pokrovsk and Sloviansk) and the West (Uzhhorod, Lviv and villages of Transcarpathia) spoke about the stereotypes they faced in life and who they really are. You can read about hatred of the Ukrainian language, pro-Russian views and separatism, unwillingness to fight in the ATO (Anti-Terrorist Operation), nostalgia for the USSR, fanatical religiosity, families with many children, low-salary work abroad, local patriotism and other stereotypes about different parts of Ukraine in our stories (with video) on Facebook and on the website
Digest of stories
You can read a digest of stories from the East the West on the website of the media “Ukrainska Pravda“
Further development of the project
We plan to invite you to art events in different cities of Ukraine to share the results, create a residence on the theme of stereotypes, and many other interesting things!

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We will work together to overcome the negative stereotypes that divide modern Ukrainian society!
The project is implemented by the NGO Misto-sad with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).
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