Art in the school garden




A step towards the implementation of creative ideas by students

For more than six months, the team of the public organization Misto-sad worked on the project "Creating art in the school garden". It started with a competition among Ukrainian schools. The project team received more than 90 applications, but selected only 5 schools that became participants and together with Misto-sad have been creating art in the school garden.
The project participants were:
Pereiaslav Secondary School of I-III stages №3, Smila Lyceum "Leader", Novohrad-Volynskyi Secondary School of I-III stages №5, General Educational Institutionof I-III stages №9 in Oleksandriia, General Educational Institutionof I-III stages "school-kindergarten" №6 in Koziatyn.
Work with schoolchildren
The Misto-sad team together with guest curator Alevtyna Kakhidze worked on exhibitions with five winners of the contest. Work with schoolchildren took place in various formats. At weekly Zoom meetings, students learned how to conduct research on the contexts of the selected topics, managerial skills, communication, and practical implementation of their experience. And during workshops from Alevtyna Kakhidze, as well as from the designer and architect of the Misto-sad, the teams found a form to implement their idea.
The team of Oleksandriia created a series of paintings with architectural monuments of their city and depicted what buildings could be like in the future.
In Pereiaslav, schoolchildren decided to convey to the audience the importance of sorting garbage by means of art and implemented an exhibition of various cardboard pipes, plastic bottles and cans.
In Smila, students explored the history of their city and drew a series of images based on different stages of development.
In Novohrad-Volynskyi, teenagers conducted a survey and depicted at an exhibition what success means for a young person.
And in Koziatin, schoolchildren raised the topic of bullying. A team of students recreated quotes from their peers who were bullied in a human-book format.
Now school teams have not only the opportunity to implement their creative ideas, but also a tool and practical experience on how to become a curator of their own exhibition.
Also, as part of the project, an online educational course "Exhibitions in gardens" was launched in Misto-sad for all those who have not become a participant, but dream of becoming a curator of their own exhibition and do not know where to start. Its special feature is the involvement of contemporary artists, curators and architects in the team of lecturers. All of them share their practical experience and tips for creating open-air exhibitions. This format is also proposed taking into account the conditions of the pandemic, when it is important to conduct outdoor activities.
Course lecturers offer students to hold events in the school garden and teach them how to become a curator of their own exhibition.
In 10 lectures of the course, information on how to organize an exhibition in the garden is provided with a step by step instruction and the following topics are presented:
  • What a school yard is like
  • What is a garden?
  • Open-air exhibition
  • Who makes exhibitions
  • Which skills you need to become a curator
  • How to make a research exhibition
  • Mediation and communication strategy of the exhibition
  • Exhibition space
  • Rules for placing art objects
  • Opening of the exhibition
The online course is designed for students, teachers and all those who are interested in art. It can be an addition to the school curriculum in cultural studies and art history, as well as useful for self-development. The course is absolutely free and available by registering on the website:
Presentation of results
The presentation of the project results will take place on June 9 at 17:00 with the participation of representatives of school teams. During the event, the Misto-sad team will share their experience of working on an art project with young curators, talk about the development of methods and unique exhibition structures, and present photo reports of exhibitions held.
The project “Creating art in the school garden” was made possible with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.
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