Misto-sad for communities



“Misto-sad for communities”– is the project the Misto-sad team worked onin 2020-2021.
According to the project, work on uniting and strengthening communities to create a common public space took place in six cities of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Novohrodivka, Ukrainsk, StarobilskandChmyrivkaunitedterritorialcommunity (Vyshnevevillage) chose a location for creating a public space and together with the Misto-sad team developed its concept. But in Lysychansk and Kreminna the developed space project has moved on to its second stage – the search for funding and physical implementation of the public space project. In Kreminna the community studied management, communication and fundraising for transformation of “Boulevard”, and in Lysychansk – “Water station”.
Meeting with city activists
As part of the project, meetings were held with city activists, representatives of local authorities and businesses. Due to the quarantine restrictions connected to the pandemic, acquaintance with the community took place at Zoom meetings and the choice of a place to develop the concept was made by voting of residents in online and offline formats. The first acquaintance with the local expanses took place through the online flash mob#мрія_в_кадрі (#dream_in_scene).

In September the Misto-sad team visited the project's cities, talked live with the community and held a special workshop on creating playgrounds for children. Children developed from improvised materials mock-ups of playgrounds that they dream of. On their basis, architects and designers design the playground based on the needs and wishes of children. The playground is only part of the overall space, the concept of which was worked out with the community and created on the basis of urban analysis. The final draft of the public space will be presented to the communities in early November.
Educational course
Project “Misto-sad for communities”provided not only the union of active citizens who want changes, but also the educational component.A series of workshops was provided for the communities of Lysychansk and Kreminna: fundraising, event management, building democracy and so on. The project also launched the training course.
The Misto-sad team also provided support and advice in finding funding for the implementation of the project developed by the architects.We held lectures on finding funding in Lysychansk and Kreminna and submitted the idea of financing part of the public space at the Water station (workout zone) to Spilnokosht where the required amount was collected on time and simulators were installed.
Developed four concepts of public spaces
Within the framework of "Misto-sad for communities” four concepts of public spaces were developed: "Sherwood" in Starobilsk, "Novyi park" in Novohrodivka, "Shevchenko’s Square" in the village of Vyshneve and "Mosaic" square in Ukrainsk. All concepts can be found here in presentations.
The project “Misto-sad for communities" is implemented with the support of the USAID project Democratic governance in eastern Ukraine.
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