youth center "hilka"



As part of the project “Misto-sad for communities” in 2021, the team of the NGO Misto-sad developed a project for the youth center “Hilka” (Branch) for Ukrainsk town in the Donetsk region.
And the local community will soon make the project come true with the support of USAID.
Architect Olena Orap together with designer Daria Podoltseva designed the space of the youth center in one of the city's premises.
There is a large room for lectures, trainings or movie screenings, and from the outside it is proposed to make a wide terrace. Events can be held there during warm months.

The brand is based on a branch, because a youth center with this name has already existed for several years. However, the team of the public organization needed conceptual solutions to make the space comfortable for various activities.

You can get acquainted with the branding of the space via the link.
While working on the creation of the youth center, the Misto-sad team decided to create a series about active Ukrainian youth. A motivational series about the city and its inhabitants were shot even before the center was created, but the model of the room was included in one of the episodes.

The Misto-sad team, together with Phalantery Films, created a documentary series about what Ukrainian youth is like, how the city lives and how residents see its future.

The film premiered in Kyiv. A parallel screening took place in the Ukrainsk town with the Kyiv-Ukrainsk teleconference
In the documentary the audience saw:
  • a city in the Donetsk region where "the sun rises over Bohdan"
  • a recording studio where rappers gather
  • a story about the youth center “Hilka”, designed by the Misto-sad team
  • a mining town that young people want and are able to develop
«There plot is about Ukrainsk from propaganda from the occupied territories, and this is presented as the decline of the whole Ukraine. Our movie is not an attempt to turn a blind eye to problems, but to look at what is valuable that we have - our people", - director Piotr Armianovskyi
"Speaks and shows Ukrainsk" can be viewed via the link in 6 episodes lasting 23 minutes
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