Opishnia, Poltava region

A modern community with a long history
Opishnia — the center of the Opishnia community — is a small village in the Poltava region, known for its pottery tradition. However, Opishnia is not only pots, makitras and jugs. It is first of all people — curious, inspired, and full of love for their region.
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Taking care of folk traditions, Opishnia residents skillfully combine the old and the new. Folk crafts, holidays, local cuisine and wedding ceremonies — all this is not a forgotten past, but a bright present of the community.

This place seems to invite you to a full life here and now, so the slogan of the community:
live to the fullest!

It was important for us to show that being in the Opishnia community, you will feel a full-blooded, full-bodied life - it abounds in the local nature, lives in the hearts and hands of Opishnia residents who support Ukrainian traditions and cherish Ukrainian crafts.
Three directions
Working on the strategy, we identified three areas that have a significant impact on the life of the community and shape its identity:
living traditions
wild life
We convey the idea of living, natural and tactile life embedded in the strategy through an authentic technique — a collage of natural and tactile textures (wood, stones, leaves, ceramics, etc.), which are formed into an abstract artistic composition.
It is difficult to see the specifics in our compositions, but you can feel the idea of a living life embodied, as well as the spirit of a free workshop where everyone can come and try to create something.
collage through application illustrations
An additional technique is a collage in a flat format through application illustrations of jugs, natural elements and specialty dishes combined with ornamental drawings of Opishnia.
Visit Opishnia Park
Opishnia community has updated not only the brand, but also public spaces! NGO Misto-sad designed the Central Park and we helped with navigation and street signs.
Park idea
Creating an up-to-date public space that will become a favorite place for all residents. With this idea in mind, the team of architects designed a number of facilities, including: a playground for children of all ages, a sports field, an amphitheater for community gatherings, bike rental and an inclusive public restroom.

A grid of new paths, as well as a landscape design that takes into account seasonality and plant biodiversity, will provide the boardwalk function of the park environment.
Main promenade
The design code of the central Nezalezhnosti street, which should become a boardwalk center, offers a comprehensive approach to organizing its future appearance. Its components include the development of signage using the original identity, proposals for the functioning of the street and the unification of facades, as well as new landscape design.

Thank you to Opishnia United Territorial Community for your trust and cooperation
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Water Station
Tykhyi Square