Square 21



Eco-style public space
Square 21 is a project to restore public space in the city of Dobropillia. Citizens offered to create a project exclusively in eco-style.
Festival Square 21
The Square is located near 21 Festyvalna street. Therefore, this public space is Festival Square 21.

Square 21 provides an opportunity to hold thematic events in the park (movie screenings, festivals, master classes, meetings, etc.), unite the community to make joint decisions, and become initiators of changes in your own city. Dobropillia residents began to organize fairs (they make an exhibition and sale their goods), exhibitions, photoshoots, and spend their free time in the square with their children.
Friends of the square

A circle of like-minded people has formed around the space, who actively become members of the "Friends of the Square Club". Being a friend of the space is an honorable mission and a common global practice. During the creation of the space, local residents were actively involved in the development of the concept, brand, architectural plan, design of the square, learned to cooperate with local authorities, conducted independently and participated in various events.


Square 21 is made of eco-friendly materials. The request to create a public space in an eco-style was received from local residents of Dobropillia. This indicates a decrease in consumer attitudes to life.

The project was implemented by the NGO Misto-sad and the project "Ukraine Confidence Building Initiative" (UCBI II) with financial support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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