Park Shovkovychnyi


 Park Shovkovychnyi is a project of restoration of the central park in Sloviansk. The initiative is implemented by the  Garden City team with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the City Council of Sloviansk. The project started in 2016. The Garden City team has established close relations with activists, representatives of local authorities and businesses, and the media in the process of working on the restoration of the public space. In 2016, the Lenin Park of Culture was renamed to Shovkovychnyi by the will of the community (by that time, the activists changed the name even on the maps).  


Now, various cultural, sporting and children's events are held in the park, and the residents of the city willingly join them. The activists of the city take on the experience and independently initiate shows of films in the park. Today, everyone has the opportunity to join the Park Friends Club. It the initiation of such a tradition that gives rise to self-confidence and encourages citizens to act.



Designer Yasya Khomenko created an upcycling collection (environmentally conscious) in support of the Friends Club of the the Shovkovychnyi Park.




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