Movie stairs is a project that has changed the stairs of an abandoned but beautiful cinema in Kostiantynivka into a modern cultural platform. With the support of the Garden City team and partners, the residents of the East of Ukraine hold presentations, exhibitions, workshops and watch open-air movies on the stairs. The successful implementation of the project has involved the residents in spending their time actively, developing a public space on their own and participating in the social and cultural activities of the city and Ukraine. The active residents of the East of Ukraine use the Movie stairs project as a cultural space for watching films in the open air, conducting exhibitions, flash mobs, workshops, performances and other socio-cultural projects. The city residents gather on the stairs for book presentations (for example, on September 23, Serhii Zhadan presented his new novel The Boardinghouse on the Movie stairs) and appoint meetings to each other. The project provides an understanding that creating a comfortable and efficient public space in the city is up to its residents.



To create a modern public space on the stairs of a beautiful but abandoned cinema in the city of Kostiantynivka (Donetsk region) and teach people to change their space on their own. The task is to create all the necessary conditions for placing people on the stairs, attract local residents to active leisure, preserve the historical value of the space and transform it into the present, to convey the main idea to the inhabitants - start to change your city from yourselves.




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