Mezha is a project that has gone the way from the survey of the city, immersion in the context of the social, artistic and economic life before it was transformed into a physical form - the work of art itself. In their works, artists tried to find points of contact between East and West. Mezha was surveyed in Sloviansk and Uzhhorod - in the most distant cities from each other. The project is implemented by NGO Garden City with the support of the Public Initiatives of New Ukraine Initiative Program of the International Renaissance Foundation. A dialog was held between Slovianskand Uzhgorod residents through participation in the Gardeners' Battle contest. Curator Alevtina Kakhidze asked people about their vegetable gardens. After all, there are no politics and religion in the garden. At least, it is a common opinion. In fact, vegetable gardens and gardens are places where every gardener implements the policy every day. People in the East and in the West talked about the border of their garden and the idea of the borders of the garden. The Mezha project was launched to find and understand the opposite "outlook" positions and views on the events of the residents of East and West. The artists surveyed the inadequate level of dialog between people from different parts of Ukraine and between generations in general. The project was held in the form of short-term residences for the purpose of dialog with residents of distant Ukrainian cities, Sloviansk and Uzhgorod, on the very concept of "border".



Residences provided conditions in which people defined their borders and talked about them. Such a residence is an experiment, research and experience. The main objective of the project was an attempt to answer the questions: What the border is? If we talk about the border, should we cross it? What will happen if give up the border? Each of the artists gave their answers to the questions and reflected their vision of the concept of "border".



As a result of the project, two exhibitions were held. In Sloviansk, their works were presented by: Marho Didichenko, Bohdan Moroz, Group (Valeria Tarasenko, Stanislav Tolkachov and Oleksandr Khalepa), Oksana Chepelyk. And in Uzhgorod, their works were presented by Albina Yaloza, Anna Kakhiani, Dania Kovach, Dasha Podoltseva, Group (Valeria Tarasenko, Stanislav Tolkachov and Oleksandr Khalepa), OleksandrMcQuars, creative duo Aleksandr&Aleksandra Krolikowski. The curators of the project are Zhenia Kuleba and Alevtina Kakhidze.





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