Altman Gargen


"Altman Square" is the project for reconstruction of the square in historic part of Vinnytsia (Architect Artynov street) aimed at awarding it with the name of Ukrainian artist – Nathan Altman. The project for creation of public space is being implemented in partnership with NGO "VIN".

‘Altman Garden’ is a project for reconstruction of a garden in the historic part of the city of Vinnytsia (Architect Artynov Street) with its further naming afterNatana Isaiovych Altman – a Ukrainian painter. This project for creating a public place is being carried out together with ‘VIN’ NGO.


Nathan Isaevich Altman – Cubist painter. Born 10 (22) December 1889 in Vinnitsa. After studying at the Odessa Art School improved skills in Paris. In 1912 he moved to Russia - St. Petersburg. He created landscapes, portraits, portrait drawing, sculpture, decorative reliefs, set design, anti-fascist cartoons. His most famous work was the portrait of Anna Akhmatova (1915).