What we do

Garden City is a project devoted to forming civil society in Ukraine by means of the development of culture and public spaces

Our mission

We inspire and encourage communities to create comfortable public spaces in Ukraine and in the world. The potential of urban locations, nature, and creative initiative of people becomes a new quality of life where we are.

Our vision

For the sake of making Ukrainian cities a comfortable, innovative space for life and development.

For the sake of people who are the masters of their cities and make their environment suitable for life.

For the sake of action that transforms people's outlook and makes them happy.

Our objectives

  • to form civil society in Ukraine by means of boosting participation of Ukrainian citizens/city communities in the life of the society;
  • to explore the protection of the existing and fostering the creation of new art objects in public spaces;
  • to share knowledge how to transform a wasteland into a significant place;
  • to bring together artists, activists, professionals in different areas to create better public spaces;
  • to promote active public discourse on the importance of art in public spaces, to arrange public places.