What we do

Garden City is a project dedicated to forming of civil society in Ukraine by means of development of culture and public spaces.

We inspire and support collaboration between local communities, professional alliances and representatives of stateand local authorities for the purpose of protection and reframing cultural heritage and public spaces. We are extensively fostering creation and development of public spaces, filling them with significance by utilizing traditional and innovative practices.

Our vision

Our daily environment, which consists of a combination of yards, streets, monuments, gardens, creates a visual image of the country in the eyes of every citizen. We believe that the country needs more places with significance, properly arranged public spaces that would unite us, as well as reflect where we are, who we were and who we are now.

Public places should serve as inspirational centres for cultural and social life and as a physical manifestation of the common good. They have the power to change our lives for better.

It’s not only the lives of people living nearby that proper public spaces and art impact, they have a much wider scope of influence. Indeed, the availability of proper and significant public spaces enhances loyalty of other citizens to the city as well – they like their city more, because there are the places they love.

Proper public spaces have the power to change our lives for the better.

Scope of our activities

forming civil society in Ukraine by means of boosting participation of Ukrainian citizens/ city communities in the life of society

exploring, participating in protection of existing and fostering the creation of new art objects in public spaces

sharing knowledge how to transform an urban wasteland into a significanct place

uniting artists, activists, professionals in different areas in order to create better public spaces

promoting active public discourse on the importance of art in public spaces, constructing public places

learning and teaching how to be a good neighbour, citizen and how to apply one’s knowledge and skills for the benefit of community